Harry Potter & the final chapter of fireworks The Jungle Book Chronicles of Narnia Evita – The Musical Harry Potter & the final chapter of fireworks

GTT Module Outcome

  • Makes the child learn theatre.
  • Enhances Concentration level and memory.
  • Makes the person more confident, efficient, and responsible.
  • Initiates to solve problem with his/her own resources.
  • Inculcates leadership qualities.
  • Becomes more creative.
  • Develops strong relationship with each other.

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When GATEWAY TO THEATRES perform in a school or teaches in a classroom, kids listen. And that’s a very good thing because GATEWAY TO THEATRES produces original classes for K-12th...

Clips from the Musical Plays by GTT

Jungle Book - Musical
Harry Potter - Musical

Gaurav Pahwa - The Director 'GTT'

Note from the Director

Shaina PahwaGaurav Pahwa"Theatre transform a child's personality, increases his or her confidence, and i try my best to give individual attention to each and every child, with loads of theatre exercises and therapies, i make sure that the child becomes a part of the a Musical Play at the end of his/ her session and perform on stage, which give the child a great exposure on a commercial platform. When children perform in a play they experience the magic of theatre which brings to them the best gift one could ever give to them and that is Smile on their face."
- Gaurav Pahwa & Shaina Pahwa