GTT Module Outcome

  • Makes the child learn theatre.
  • Enhances Concentration level and memory.
  • Makes the person more confident, efficient, and responsible.
  • Initiates to solve problem with his/her own resources.
  • Inculcates leadership qualities.
  • Becomes more creative.
  • Develops strong relationship with each other.

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Gateway to theatres is a theatre company, developing and promoting the concept of theatres and techniques in education in India named as T’N’TIE… GTT provides support lines to education, attached with various schools and institutions of Delhi.

Teaching Students from K to 12, various theatre exercises and other techniques in education developed over the past many years help the children to improve their confidence level and their power of speech.

Theatre helps them to realize their full potential and help them to come out of their shells and giving a hope to those who feel that they are weak in studies.

GTT is attached with various schools like Delhi Public School, Manavsthali, Bal Bharati Public School, to name a few providing them Theatre in education.




GTT follows some quality control programs which help the students in the adaptability and awareness of surroundings through quality time based exercises.
Q.C. = ISO
Quality Control = International Standard Orientation
One of the major exercise covered here:
The Jo Harry Module.



In this section a person’s memory level is enhanced by over 15% to 20% through a series of over 100 brain storming and memory based theatre exercises.

A new technique developed by GTT which transforms the needs (some essential points to be covered/rules and regulations/curriculum/etc) of the school for the students as a part of their teachings, thereby making the performance of the school better over others.
-: This sections covers:-
Vision Exercise,
Grandmama exercise,
Zip Zap Boeing exercise,
Human Prop exercise,
Relay exercise to name a few



This section brings GTT’s performances/plays directly to students in their own school/institution, in turn giving them exposure to remove their inhibitions.

GTT opens the magic of Theatre to its students with their given attire only, and equipping them with everything necessary for an outstanding performance to delight the Audience.

This section covers Characterization exercises, the 5 w’s essential for any human being to understand the given environment, and The Power of speech exercise.



This section further increases the concentration/brain level through the following techniques:-

Tech. No.1              DC


Tech. No.3             JAM-SENSE/NONSENSE

Tech. No.4             PICTO ART FORM


MNM-Meditation & Motivation

GTT through a series of theatre meditation exercises and motivational exercises help in the growth of the student as an individual and in turn the society as a whole