GTT Module Outcome

  • Makes the child learn theatre.
  • Enhances Concentration level and memory.
  • Makes the person more confident, efficient, and responsible.
  • Initiates to solve problem with his/her own resources.
  • Inculcates leadership qualities.
  • Becomes more creative.
  • Develops strong relationship with each other.

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T n Tie Workshops for Children

Workshop for children:

  • These Workshops for children include glimpses of various theatre exercises and theatre games, which enhance the confidence level of the child.
  • These Workshops also aim at removing the inhibitions within the child.
  • These Workshops open the magic of theatre to the children.
  • These Workshops increase the concentration level and memory.
  • These Workshops make the child learn meditation and relax his/her mind.
  • These Workshops make the child more creative.
  • The most important thing is that the child smiles which is priceless.

These workshops cover different topics:

  • General Theatre workshop
  • Confidence Workshop
  • Acting Workshop
  • Friendship Workshop
  • Personal Body Safety Workshop
  • Motivation Workshop
  • Musical Theatre Workshop
  • Theatrical Dance Workshop
  • Theatrical Dance Workshop


T n Tie Workshop for Teachers

  • It is an interactive workshop conducted for teachers specially developed to teach theatre and techniques in education, which helps the teachers in making the class more interactive.
  • This module will further help in making the teachers more confident. This module also introduces the new methodology of taking the class i.e. Chalk Talk and Walk Method.
  • This will help in making the teachers more expressive and will develop a sense of theatres too.
  • Duration of the workshop will be of two hours in which various exercises covered under T ‘n’ Tie will be taught and a brief explanation of musical theatre will be given.
  • The cost of the workshop will be Rs3500/- only.
  • And extended version of this workshop is a four day session of two hours each which includes the same as above as well as a musical theatre production that is a musical play in which teachers will act and dance and present a drama. This module costs Rs8000/-in total.


T n Tie Workshops for Corporate

This module is going to make the participants “next level fighters” ..
Following are some of the teachings of the module.

  • Power of expression
  • Power of speech
  • Lemon tea – a mixture of various exercises which will help them strengthen their memory level.
  • Face the world – a new theatre exercise which removes the inhibitions within them and helps them to face the world more confidently.
  • Ball exercise – which helps the organisation to grow better.
  • Band of friends – a series of theatre exercises which increases the confidence of them.
  • Jo harry module – makes them learn about time management.

These exercises in a fun n loving way teach them a lot of things and inturn help the organisation to grow better.